Tricky is an iPhone app intended to foster the community spirit of the skateboarding scene. Users can upload short, Vine-style videos of their skateboarding tricks. By location-tagging their videos, they can mark their favorite skating spots and find popular locations marked by other users. They can also follow other users and view and favorite their videos. As the app grows in popularity, its creators intend to partner with skate shops and other businesses and organizations to hold sponsored competitions.

As the creative lead on this project, I took the client's existing logo and word mark and expanded it into a full identity, establishing a bold, urban look-and-feel through typography, color, and texture. Before applying this aesthetic to the application's UI, I worked with the client and the developers to determine both the expected and desired user flow through the application, making strategic decisions regarding the functionality and how it should be presented to the user. I believe that I was able to strike a balance between the equally important goals of aesthetics and usability in the final designs.

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