Karlo Dizon

Logo and political campaign branding for Karlo Dizon. In 2012, Mr. Dizon ran for the office of non-voting Delegate to the United States House of Representatives from Guam.

The most important element of the branding was the logo. I worked with the Dizon campaign to develop a logo that elegantly encapsulated the various aspects of its platform. The logo had to reflect the campaign's progressive ideals, had to clearly signal Mr. Dizon's affiliation with the Democratic party, and had to subtly evoke Guamanian national symbols.

Blue was a natural choice for the primary color, being both the color of the Democratic party and the main color of Guam's flag. After some experimentation, we settled on blue, yellow, and white for the palette, as the latter two colors also appear in the flag, and the combination of the three hues provided a palette that was not only visually pleasing, but also flexible and dynamic, adaptable for the myriad applications across various mediums employed by political campaigns.

For the graphical element, we experimented with minimalist adaptations of traditional symbols of the Chamorro people, the indigenous people of Guam. We first experimented with using a stylized Latte stone, a type of pillar used as a building support in ancient Guamanian architecture. We found, however, that while the Latte stone is used throughout Guam in political and business contexts, and strongly evocative of native Guamanian identity, the shape itself was rather awkward, lacking in the gracefulness we desired for the logo. Next we tried the shape of a sling stone, a traditional weapon and the shape of the seal of Guam. Geometrically, it is the shape produced by the intersection of two equal circles (known in Western contexts as a vesica piscis). While the graphical simplicity of the sling stone shape was desirable, it again felt too stuck in tradition, failing to convey the forward-thinking aspects of the Dizon campaign.

Finally, we settled on a stylized sail of a proa, a traditional seagoing vessel developed by the Chamorro people. When reduced to its most basic shape, the proa sail conveniently resembles a right-pointing arrow, thus encapsulating the Dizon campaign's slogan, "Forward Together." Like the rest of the branding, the logo is clean and minimalist yet dynamic and exciting.

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